Victoria Melottra also known as "Vick" is a minor character on Street Football. She appears in Season 2, starting in the episode "Old Grudges."


Personality Edit

Victoria comes from a rich family but she hasbeen a very evil and very selfish girl.

When she was little, Victoria was a loner, shy and withdrawn, according to Eloise who was her best friend until Eloise left the San Xavier Academy, a private school they both went to together, causing Victoria to feel betrayed and abandoned.

Victoria has been bent on getting revenge on Eloise and her friends and has been out to ruin them. She also uses and abuses other Street Football players, even pretending to be their friend but instead abuses and dominates them. And Victoria would do anything to get what she wanted, even if it meant to hurt or inconvenience somebody else. She was once on the Blues team but kept insisting on doing things her way to the point where Tag had to remove her.

By the end of the series, Victoria regretted her wrong doings and refined herself.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Victoria lives with her father, Mr. Melotra, who is also the principal of San Xavier Academy.

As mentioned, Victoria was an old best friend of Eloise until Eloise left San Xavier Academy.

Trivia Edit

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Gallery Edit

Victoria Younger Edit

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