Tarek and Noridine are the TekNo twins, or TekNo Brothers. They are identical twin brothers. Tek is short for Terek and No is short for Noridine.

TekNo Brothers

Physical Appearence Edit

Tek and No are tan-skinned boys with very short dark hair. Not only do they look identical, they also dress the same, wearing light blue hoodies, light greenish-gray pants, and gray sneakers.

The Tekno Twins are shorter than the rest of the Rifflers team members.

One time Tek got sick of being mistaken for No that he tried to make himself different, one way was by making his hair blond.

Personalities Edit

At first the TekNo twins seemed to get along with each other and seemed inseperable. But later one of them started wanting to go solo to the other's dismay.

Relationships Edit

The TekNo brothers also have identical triplet sisters and one more brother who is a baby. Tek and No also have three other siblings and Tek and No are the oldest of ten children. Sometimes they only get to see their parents on the weekends. Tek and No also had to babysit their triplet sisters and baby brother at the Riffler Institute.

Tek Blond 3

Trivia Edit

The TekNo Brothers started off going to Riffler Institute. Then later, by Season 2, they were moved to Olympic team.

They are seen throughout Seasons 1 and 3 but are rarely seen in Season 2. They do rejoin the Rifflers in Season 3.

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