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Sebastian Arias Echervane Soler also known as "Tag" and formerly "Sebastian Tagano" is the captain of his soccer team, the Blues Team or "The Rifflers."

Physical Appearance Edit

Tag is Tan skinned and possibly Hispanic. He has long black spiky hair and green eyes. He wears a light blue hoodie, very dark blue or black-looking pants and beige and white sneakers.

Personality Edit

According to TV Tropes, he is said to be "charismatic and sometimes stubborn, but still a nice guy. He's in a relationship with team goalie, Eloïse." He's very tough and can be bossy and pushy and can lose his temper. He does have a sensitive side and does get emotional when it comes to his father.

Relationships Edit

Tag has a father that he hasn't seen until toward the end of the series. Tag's mother though has died.

As said, he is in a relationship with Eloise. His best friend is Brains. He's also friends with Tek, No, Jeremy and Samira. Little Dragon is also one of his friends. He is also friends with the Bay Sharks.

Tag later reappears in Foot 2 Rue Extreme as step brother to Samy after his father had remarried

Trivia Edit

Tag goes to the Riffler Institute

Tag is from Argentina

Eva Soler is Tag's mother's name

Tag's father is Pablo Arias Echevarne. But Tag didn't get to meet him until almost the end of the series, which was a long fourteen years. Pablo was taken prisoner right after Tag was born and Eva put Tag in a safe place but got killed. Before she was killed, she entrusted Tag to Ms. Adelaide, a friend of Tag's family and the one who brought Tag to Marie Port.

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