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Eloïse Riffler, the goalkeeper of the Bleus De Port Marie. She is also lives upper class.

Physical Appearance Edit

Eloise is pretty, with her brown hair tied in hair ties and ribbons. She wears earrings and has hazel eyes and rose lips. She wears a white and blue shirt with overalls and blue pants with sneakers. Her voice can be soft but also high pitched.

Personality Edit

Eloise is quiet, kind, optimistic, sweet, and confident. Although she may be gentle, she becomes serious and strong in needed times, like in the time when she first met the team and Tag strictly rejected her. The team had come to realize that she is trustworthy to keep secrets and, above all a good player. Another description of Eloise is that she is a good friend and a joy to be with. In season one episode "The Birth of a Dream" when Brains had to go to Eloise's house to tell her about a descison the team made, he had been delight and the TechNo twins told Tag that they brighten up when they mention her. Although Tag did not really like Eloise when she first showed up, he came to admire her for her skills, devotion to the team, and personality. It took some time for him to accept her, since he was serious and reserved and she was gentle, curious and outgoing. Eloise is also a tomboy. Since she was from the Riffler family, an extremely rich family everyone except her grandmother expected her to act like a young adult and be formal, like her parents. Eloise had usually seen the fact that she is from the Rifflers as an obstacle for her and her dreams, especially in the episode "To Cut off the Head", where her parents discovered that she played street football and didn't accept the fact and reported Louis Orlando, the head of the World Cup, to the police. However, she had used the fact that she is from the Rifflers in some situations, such as when she kept Officer Snite from arresting her and the team, and for meeting her friends.

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Eloise lives with her mother, father, and Grandmother, who understands her better than her parents do. Eloise had once told her grandmother that talking to her parents was like talking to goldfish. Her parents had never cared about Eloise for most of season one and were, as her grandmother described, always on the phone, always talking to guests in parties, always everywhere, except with Eloise, and worst of all, they did not know her. This was something that clearly made Eloise miserable. However, it did come in handy when Eloise acted secretly about the World Cup, like for example, Eloise was going to return home from school when Headbutt told her to deliver a message to her team. But her limo driver, Antoine, warned Eloise that her mother would be surprised that she wasn't in the pool, so Eloise took one of her classmates in her place and told Antwan to give her one of Eloise's swimsuits and wear her hairstyle and her mother wouldn't realize. This idea worked and Eloise was able to change places with her while her mother was on her phone. This showed how clueless her parents are and how they ignored her. Eloise's parents did not care about her till "To Cut Off The Head" episode. In it, they finally realized that she was in street football and refused to accept it because she was from the Rifflers. The mayor told them that Louis Orlando was in charge, so they reported him to the police. When Eloise found out, she flipped out and ran away and didn't return till they denied the report. After that episode, her parents cared about Eloise. Her grandmother, however, understood Eloise and helped train her in football. She was Eloise's lifelong companion in the house. She was a valuable person not just for Eloise but for the whole World Cup. She was there to warn them when a witness would come, was encouraging, and kept all secrets. When the team felt that they should give up the World Cup because they were sure that they would lose the Dragons, she called Ms. Adilayd to encourage them. Her grandmother's special relationship with Eloise was proven when she refused to speak to her own son (Eloise's father) and her mother for years because of their ignorance to Eloise.

Friends Edit

Eloise first met the team in the second episode of Street Football "A Surprise Goal". The first time she dealt with them was during a ceremony in the Riffler School. She had spotted Brains and Tag secretly struggling to balance a broken statue of Count Riffler. She had sneaked on the balcony and used one of her hair ties to shoot a banner at them so they could tie it to the statue.

The first time she helped them in playing was when they were playing their first game against the Baysharks and were losing. Tony was their goalkeeper, but he was lousy at being a goalie and had cowardly left the team after Mr. Albert had called the police. The next time the Baysharks were about to score and no one from the team could stop them, Eloise had rushed to the goal and with an amazing move, blocked the ball.

Eloise's boyfriend is Tag. She is also friends with Brains, Tech, No, Jeremy, and Samira.

When Tag first saw Eloise, he didn't really like her. In the statue incident, when she shot the banner to Brains and Tag, Brains understood her plan and told Tag to wrap the banner around the statue, and Tag credited him and not Eloise. He strictly ignored her as he passed and glared at her. Eloise had followed the team after the statue situation to the Baysharks, and after she blocked the goal, he had been angry because she had been spying on them and wanted to protested her being in the team. He had been reluctant to add her to the team, but she had convinced him with her words. He had not really trusted her with their secrets, but the team, especially Brains, had convinced him that she was reliable. But over the time, there had been signs

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