Duel at the Old Port (Duel au vieux port in French) is the first episode of Street Football.


The group of friends, Sebastian Tagano said Tag, Gabriel N'Duala said Brains, the twins Tekno (Tarek and Noridine) and Toni are boarders at the Riffler Institute and football fans. Tag is an orphan, Gabriel's parents are doctors in Africa and Asia while the twins are the eldest in a family of ten, their parents' home is too small for such a family. Lil' Dragon, a young boarder would like to stay with Tag that he idolizes but Coach, the guardian convinces him to leave with his mother, Mrs. Wong the music teacher. One Sunday, while the other students go back to their parents' home, the TekNo twins are forced to stay at the institute because their parents were unable to pick them up. Toni is upset because Tag and the others prefer to play with their old ball with his ball signed by the players of the 1998 Equipe de France. He is proud of his ball but he is racketeered by two young thugs, Headbutt and Cartoon.